The Red Fort

Location: Chandni Chowk

Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk

The Red Fort is one of the most visiting and historical fort in the city Delhi , India . It is also known by the name Lal Qila . It is situated at the Old Delhi and was the main residence of the  emperors of the Mughal density  nearly 200 years, until 1857 . It  was constructed  in 1639 by emperors Shah Jahan as a result of a capital shift from Agra to Delhi . It was the  political and ceremonial  center of the Mughal state and the setting for events critically impacting the region.

Formally it was known by the name Quila-e-Mubarak or the Blessed Fort . It lies along the banks of the Yamuna River . The entire fort complex represents the architectural creativity and brilliance of Mughal architecture . The Red fort is named for its enclosing walls of red sandstone . Unlike other Mughal forts, the boundary walls of  Red Fort’s are asymmetrical to contain the older Salimgarh Fort . The fortress-palace was the focal point of the medieval city of Shahjahanabad, which these days called the  Old Delhi.

The Red Fort was also the site where the British put the last Mughal Emperor on trial before exiling him to Rangoon in 1858

Every year , On 15th August , the Independence Day of India , The Prime Minister hoists the Indian “tricolour flag” at the main gate of the Red Fort  and delivers a nationally-broadcast speech  from its ramparts. It was listed as  a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

The Red Fort is the largest monument in Delhi and one of the popular tourism destination which attracts the thousands of tourists every year . It provides the Light and Show program every evening which describes the Mughal history and architecture . There is no better way to learn about the Fort rather than the light and show .

Structures :

The Lahori Gate is that the main gate to the Red Fort and it’s named Lahori Gate gate for its orientation towards town of Lahore

The Delhi Gate southern public of the Red Fort and is similar appearance to Lahori Gate . There are two life-size stone elephants facing each other on the either side of the gate .

Light and Show Timings :

The Light and Show held every day except  Monday , is the one hour  fest of lights and sounds inside the premises of the Red Fort. There are no any other better way to know about the history of Red Fort , There are two different timings fir the show…

Hindi– 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
English– 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Best time to visit Red Fort

The best time to visit Red Fort  is September- March , the weather is pleasant .

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