San Francisco

San Francisco , The city of Northern California , surrounded the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, which is the commercial , financial and cultural city of Northern California.

It has several nicknames including , Golden Gate City , The City by the Bay ,Frisco , The Paris of the West , Fog City and more ..

The Tourism is the one of the largest private-sector jobs in San Francisco , accounting for more than one out of seven involve in the tourism industries . it attracts the fifth-highest foreigns tourist of the cities in United States and 100 of most visited cities in the worldwide tourism . The city has large hotel infrastructure and a world-class convention facility in the Moscone Center . It also famous for its unique nightlife in its neighborhoods and its tourism culture .

Some of the famous places which attracts tourist in San Francisco are Golden Gate Bridge and Alamo Square Park, which is home to the famous “Painted Ladies“. The are also the places with beautiful view called Lombard Street, known for its “crookedness“. The Alcatraz Island which is famous for offering dinner, shopping centers , entertainment and beautiful views of the bay, sun-bathing seals.

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