Budhanilkantha Temple

Budhanilkantha Temple is located at Budhanilkantha of Kathmandu valley, Nepal as being a Hindu open air temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.Budhanilkantha Temple is located below the Shivapuri Hill at the northern cease of the Kathmandu valley and identified by using a massive reclining statue of Lord Vishnu. The temple’s important statue of Budhanilkantha is regarded the biggest stone carving in Nepal.

The Budhanilkantha temple is also known by the Narayanthan Temple.The name Budhanilkantha stands for “Old Blue Throat” which symbolizes Lord Vishnu,who is regarded as one of the ‘Trimurtis’, along with Brahma and Shiva.


As of one story,it assumed that a farmer and his wife stuck a figure while plowing his farm,as a result start soaking blood into the ground and the figure was established as Budhanilkantha ,at the recovered placed in its present position.

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